GOG (0.675) Freak XL Individual Inserts - Aluminum


Nothing better than an 8 inch control bore of the GoG Freak XL barrel system!  The GOG XL barrel & insert system is the best option for accuracy in your paintball marker.  The new Freak XL insert system features an 8 inch control bore to get better accuracy, efficiency, and consistency from your barrel!  The new Freak XL barrel insert is 3 inches longer to make the ball travel longer with a tight fit.  This makes your paintball gun more efficient and accurate because the paintball is traveling down the control bore for a longer distance.  No escaping of air around the paintball for an extra 3 inches!

The Freak XL inserts feature many different bore sizes to fit every size of paintball!  These XL inserts are very easy to change out by simply sliding the insert out of your Freak XL barrel and pushing in the new one!