Lapco A-5 M4/M16 Gas-Through Magazine - (Serial #s 525,000+)

By Lapco

LAPCO M4/M16 Gas-Through Magazine for the “New Style” 2011 A5

LAPCO is thrilled to introduce a version of its popular M4/M16 Gas-Through Magazine for Tippmann’s “New style” A5 (Serial Numbers 525,000 plus). 

Our M4 / M16 Magazine Kit Is the Perfect Modification for A-5 Owners.

The Placement of this magazine is set close to the trigger guard giving it the most authentic M4 / M16 Magazine look on the market.

This magazine is made of a high grade polymer that will not weigh you down yet maintains strength and toughness.

It also features the LAPCO logo in the same placement of authentic M4 / M16 magazines.

We dare you to find a better quality kit that's as affordable as ours.

The magazine is easy and quick to install with a basic hex key.

100% Made in-house in the USA.

This product carries the legendary LAPCO Lifetime warranty.

Please Note: This product will NOT fit the original style A5s {Serial numbers LOWER than 525,000}. Use this product on A5s with serial numbers OVER 525,000.

numbers 525,000+}.  Use this product on A5s with serial numbers lower than 525,000.