Dye Multi-Tool

By Dye

If MacGyver played paintball, this would be his tool. The new DYE Multi-Tool is loaded with various tools specific to the DYE and PROTO series of markers, all in one small, convenient package. Created to help you get out of any jam, or fix almost any problem with your DM series markers and not have to worry about loosing that special tool. Our unique Multi-Tool works great with other markers too. The DYE Multi-Tool contains a range of Allen keys: 1/4", 3/16", 5/32", 1/8", 3/32", 5/64", 1/16" and .05". Also featuring a small phillips screwdriver to remove the board, a hex key to tighten your macro-line fittings, a flathead-screwdriver/bottle opener, small pocket knife, a straight O-ring pick and a 90 degree O-ring pick. There are even a few tools on there for our future items. Whatever your fix-it needs are, the new DYE Multi-Tool will have you covered.

Punisher's Paintball take:

The Dye Multi-tool is one of the best paintball tools to fix your paintball gun.  The multi-tool features many of the necessary items needed to conquer many of the common issues encountered with paintball markers.  Whether you are a paintball player that loves to tech his own paintball marker, or you just need something to use while out at the paintball field, the Dye Multi-tool will most likely help you solve the issue!