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Shocker Paintball

SP Shocker AMP Paintball Gun - Dust Black / Polished Black


From the birth of electronic paintball through the resurgence of mechanical, the Shocker® has evolved at the cutting edge of the game. The Shocker® AMP keeps this tradition moving forward with new refinements, maintaining its position as the ultra-efficient, ultra-slim and ultra-light avant-garde paintball marker.  

AMP Core - The Shocker Amp features the new Amp core which offers 20% greater efficiency than the Shocker XLS.  The Shocker AMP can shoot the most brittle paint with ease.  The AMP Core of the Shocker AMP operates at a very low 110 PSI while boasting a 1 million cycle O-ring life!

Twist Lock Vent - The Shocker Amp also features the twist lock vent bolt release system.  With a simple turn of the knob get easy access to the AMP Core!

Tooless Solenoid Valve Assembly - Remove the trigger frame from the body of the Shocker Amp with ONE screw.  Then the solenoid valve quickly removes without any need of hex wrenches.  Easily convert between mechanical and electronic with only one Allen screw!

2 Piece Board Design - The wireless contact pads of the Shocker Amp allow for a clean frame removal with no wires to possibly pinch when connecting the frame back to the body of the Shocker Amp.

Faster Frame Removal - Shocker Amp features a fast latch frame with only one Allen screw near the back of the trigger frame to remove trigger frame from the body.  Coupled with the 2 piece board design, this makes disassembling the Shocker AMP seamless during maintenance or swapping from mechanical to electronic and back!

Improved Water Resistance – Paintball doesn’t stop when the weather gets rough and neither does the Shocker® AMP. Better protection against moisture intrusion keeps you in the game when others falter.
New curves – Ergonomic upgrades to the Shocker® AMP grip give an even better feel on the field.
Slimline Reg Cover – A tighter fit and look, as the Shocker® AMP moves the Shocker® legacy forward as one of the most light and slim professional level tournament markers ever built.
Compact QEV Module - Fully integrated into the bolt the QEV will insure for the fastest response and improved cycle to cycle consistency.


*Shocker Amp's are shipping NOW in limited quantities.  Contact us for availability!

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