Tippmann Electronic X7 Phenom Complete Paintball Gun Package


This paintball gun package will come with everything you need to start playing! The PunishersPB factory team has hand selected the products in this package to make sure your playing experience is enjoyable! The biggest thing is the mask, we have a chosen a thermal goggle system that will not fog up on you on even the hottest days! The tank we chose is HPA, C02 is becoming harder and harder to fill and therefore becoming obsolete, Compressed Air is the way of the future for paintball! The pod pack is a basic belt pack but will do the job for just about any situation! The marker is the Electronic Tippmann X7 Phenom, the X7 can be upgraded and customized in about 1000 different ways! You can make this gun yours and grow with the sport as you do! This package includes:

  •  Tippmann X7 Phenom Electronic Paintball Gun
  •  Valken 3-Pack Pod Pack
  • 3 Assorted Pods
  •  First Strike 48/3000 Aluminum HPA Tank
  •  Valken Annex MI-7 Goggle
  •  The PunishersPB seal of approval!

Here are more details about the products in this package:


Tippmann X7 Phenom .68 Caliber Paintball Marker
The X7 Phenom Mechanical –For the avid woodsball player wanting a high performance, true military style paintball gun that can be customized into 1,000 different looks.
The X7 Phenom is the most customizable marker in paintball with over 22 available mods that can transform your marker into one of seven popular styles or your own unique look. The X7 Phenom features the patented FlexValve technology with low pressure operation.

HPA Tank:

First Strike HERO 48/3000 Aluminum HPA Tank

Our new First Strike™ Pro Aluminum Compressed Air Tank uses the best regulator technology in the industry to keep consistent air pressure flowing into your paintball marker!  Our compact FS 3K regulator is the smallest and most compact on the market, measuring just at .75” from tank to ASA. 

The regulator is 100% user serviceable using only two allen keys to remove any part on the regulator allowing adjustments to be made on the fly! The FS 3K also features a rotating brass thread collar that enables you to select the position of the gauge and fill nipple to customize your set up.

The Pro 48 and 62 cubic inch, 3000psi HPA tanks both give the look and performance of high-end tanks without the price tag. Regulators are individually hand assembled and tested on state of the art machines for outstanding quality and assurance.



  • Light-weight Aluminum Bottle (rounded bottom cylinder)
  • 360° Rotational brass threads 
  • Adjustable output (275psi – 1100psi kits sold separately)
  • Low-profile fill nipples and burst disks.
  • Rapid Re-charge rate
  • Micro gauge
  • Tri-Label UN ISO Certification – Universal Acceptance 
  • Dual Burst Discs for added Safety



Valken Annex MI-7C Thermal Goggles

Annex MI-7 "Deluxe Spec" Goggle
A goggle that has it all--professional features at an entry level price. From its inception, the MI-7 goggle was intended to take the abuse of any level of play; from the daily rental fleet grind to the occasional weekend battle in the woods. Designed by players, for players--all the features you're looking for at a price that won't break the bank.
  • Double-Paned, Thermal Lens system with Hardcoat Lens treatment, fog and scratch resistant polycarbonate construction
  • Dual-Layer comfort foam--base layer SBR foam for impact absorption, exterior open-cell foam for sweat wicking and comfort
  • Extreme protection--double layer foam located in both frame and ear
  • Premium microstitch strap—extra durability, elasticity, and eye-catching embroidered logos
  • Extreme Vision--ultimate visibility, 160 degrees vertical and 260 degrees horizontal vision. See where you're walking! No more sprained ankles!
  • Full ASTM and CE certification
  • Robust high-density injected polyethylene
  • Patented QuickChange lens-release system
  • Optimized sculpted visor for improved ball deflection and shade
  • Ultra-durable integrated strap and retention system for quick lens changes
  • Each goggle individually inspected and clamshell packaged

Pod Pack:

Valken 3-Pack Paintball Pod Pack

The V-Tac 3 Pod Web Belt is great for rec-ballers who don’t need to run a whole tactical vest. This web belt comes standard with features that others lack, making it tougher and more functional than all the rest.


  • Holds 3 pods
  • Standard 2" web belt with quick release buckle
  • Stay-open pod sleeves
  • Elastic pod ejectors with rubber grip
  • Heavy-duty nylon web straps with TPR pull tabs for quick access to pods
  • Available in Tiger Stripe, Woodland, Tactical Black, Olive, & Tan