Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Mask - FDE

By Virtue

The Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Mask is the newest addition to an industry leading VIO lineup, combining high-end performance with a mid-range price tag. Designed and built as a single-piece goggle, the Ascend is molded with dual materials for the perfect combination of protection, rigidity, flexibility and comfort. Although the Ascend is not built on a modular frame and facemask like the other higher priced VIO goggle systems, the Ascend does utilize the same technology found in key components of the VIO platform, such as its quick change, fog resistant thermal lens, upgradeable strap, replacement foam, stealth visor and fan.


  • Comes with a Smoke lens as shown.
  • Hinge Lock™ quick change lens.
  • Increased facemask coverage
  • Flexible mask with rigid protection zones.
  • Ventilates and breathes easier.
  • Transmits voice better.
  • Light weight and comfortable.
  • Removable multi-layer eye foam.
  • Large lens with increased field of view.
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Scratch-Resistant lens coatings
  • Anti-fog Dual Pane Thermal lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Anti-fog Hydrophobic Coating
  • Advanced Chromatic lenses available
  • Upgradeable goggle strap

Punisher's Paintball take: 

  • OHIO Paintball Store Best Seller!*

The Virtue Ascend Paintball Mask is one of Punisher's Paintball's favorite paintball goggles!  The Virtue Ascend Mask is lightweight, affordable, stylish, and comes at a great price!  The Ascend paintball mask comes from Virtue with a thermal lens that matches the styling of the mask.  No need to pay extra money to get a mirror thermal paintball lens right off the bat because your mask came with only a clear lens.  Also, the size of the paintball mask is very slim yet fits big heads with no issues.  The upgradability of this mask is also very nice.  The paintball lenses from Virtue are at a much more affordable price compared to the competitors within the market.  With every color of paintball lens available, you can rock any color theme you want on the paintball field!  Also, the Ascend paintball masks have options to add on such as the Virtue paintball visor for rainy conditions or the Virtue paintball mask fan that easily installs on to the top of the Ascend goggle system.  Overall, this is a great mask for the sub-$100 range.