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Setting the standard? We just shot the Macdev Prime...

Posted on December 21 2017

The MACDEV Prime Review

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MACDEV is the one of the oldest Paintball gun manufacturers in the industry. They are a relatively small company that still listens to their loyal customers and sponsored teams.  The Prime is made, and designed in house by MACDEV which allows them the ability to improve on the design as they see fit. After talking with many key members of the Macdev team, it appears they are receptive and care about building the best gun possible.  

Build Quality:  For those familiar with the Clone 5, the Prime will have a familiar feel and quality, but thats where it stops.  They share an ergonomic, stretched, layout for a balanced feel in hand while playing. The ergonomics feel familiar and comfortable on my first impression. It slighly reminds me of the stretched out feel of the Vanquish GT or the Planet Eclipse CS1.

The Infinity drive boasts improved reliability with a simpler o-ring layout than the previous drive. The engines name was derived from the rigorous testing MACDEV put it through during development. The Focus was reliability, when designing the Infinity drive on the Prime.   


- Redesigned board and electronic layout

- New rubber composition on the grips

- New Infinity drive with improved air passages

- 100 PSI operating pressure

- Wireless frame to body connections

- Weatherproofing on electrical components

- Full Barrel kit 

- New trigger housing that eliminates side to side play

Kinds of cool:  Paintballers boast a sense of style, and individuality that is uncommon in other Sports. From "funky" headgear to the wildest camo outfits. The decision to shoot the MACDEV Prime is an expression of individuality.  MACDEV is one of the longest standing companies in Paintball yet often you don't see many at the field (which we like).

 Punishment :  After shooting the Prime, I have decided to use it in the NXL next year. At 100psi, the Prime purrs at 10.5bps NXL ramp with a flat smooth shot.  The sound signature is as quiet as any gun on the market and has a unique "pew".  I tested the Prime with GI 2 Star and can't help but wonder what tournament grade paint will be like. 

Macdev Prime Review - Punisherspb

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