Planet Eclipse Geo R5 Paintball Gun - CHOOSE YOUR COLOR! *PRE-ORDER*



The new Planet Eclipse Geo R5 platform makes giant leaps forwards with a host of incredible new features like the brand new GR drivetrain, concealed eye covers, S63 3-piece barrel system,  and an improved ergonomic package to reignite the passion for the Geo once more. 

Through numerous iterations, the Geo has always proven to be the spool marker of choice for players seeking something truly unique. Unmatched performance, supreme efficiency and bulletproof reliability are standards famously consistent with ALL Planet Eclipse markers, but it’s the peerless, buttery smooth and incredibly stable shot characteristics of the Geo R5, wrapped in a progressive design package that truly sets it apart from its rivals.

The Geo R5 has some unique features including the new GR drivetrain bolt system which offers an operating pressure of 95-105 PSI.  The GR drivetrain is based off the very iconic IV core drivetrain which was featured in the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5, GSL, CS1, CS1.5, and Geo 4 paintball guns.  The IV core was known for being one of the smoothest bolt systems on the market and pushed spool valve technology to the limits with breech sensing technology.   

How does this Breech Sensing technology work? Simply put, it uses the pulse of air behind the ball to help close off the main valve at a predetermined valve chamber pressure. By closing off the main valve before the valve chamber is allowed to fully empty, it traps tail-end air that is at a pressure that would have no effect on the velocity of the paintball. This trapped air in the valve chamber would otherwise have been released, and wasted, down the barrel. By trapping this otherwise wasted air, it requires less air to top the firing chamber back up ready for the next shot. The result? A huge increase in efficiency, with zero downsides.It was a truly groundbreaking piece of technology in paintball marker development. But, as always, we continually push forwards to make improvements wherever possible, the result of which brings us an all new drivetrain to power the next generation of Geo fans.

Now, the GR drivetrain offers even better performance.  A brand new design with the intent of improving every aspect of the marker’s performance. From efficiency, to feel, to sound signature, to the more hands-on features such as being quicker and easier to strip, clean and maintain. Every aspect of the GR drivetrain is an improvement over that legendary IV core.  The all new high flow FT soft tip bolt of the Geo R5 paintball gun will offer the highest capabilities of paint handling. The increased internal volume which offers the lower operating pressure of 95-105 PSI, should offer the most phenomenal shot quality with amazing efficiency. 

And of course a Geo wouldn’t be a Geo without an SFR. The concept of Solenoid Flow Restriction was born with the Geo, giving the user the ability to tune the bolt speed and shot profile to their own preference. The factory installed high-flow SFR provides a range of adjustment that is suitable for almost every playing condition, but in very hot environments this can be replaced with the additional low-flow SFR.

The rebirth of the Geo offers much more than just the new GR core. With its completely reengineered solenoid and electronics layout package, the Geo R5 takes on a form and feel unlike any previous Geo. The traditional Geo “bump” between the trigger guard and foregrip has been removed. Instead, you find an ultra-skinny body, frame, and foregrip interface that brings the front hand higher and tighter to the barrel axis. The Geo R5 also has an increased space between the trigger guard and foregrip, to suit all playing styles. The traditional visible eye covers have also been addressed to create a clean, more streamlined aesthetic for the marker. Instead, the detents and breech sensor lightpipes are now concealed behind the new foregrip.

The wraparound rear grips now house the new solenoid assembly and the latest MME electronics package that features an OLED graphical user interface, USB, and Bluetooth® module, which can be used for parameter adjustments via the relevant app, or for controlling other Bluetooth® compatible devices. As per the current generation of Eclipse markers, the body and frame separate quickly and easily with no wires, cables, or hosing between the two parts. The entire Geo R5 package has been redesigned to be a much fresher and efficient platform to be enjoyed by both players and techs alike.

Completing the Geo R5 performance package is the outstanding S63 Pro 3-Piece Barrel System, which revolutionised the levels of control and precision that our high-end markers now offer the player.  The S63 barrel system is 14.5 inches long with a autococker thread to make it easy to change barrels if you wish.  However, with its Eclipse PWR Inserts, that have widely been adopted by other brands, this 3-piece system not only performs beyond all expectations but it empowers the user to customize their barrel setup as needed.  Another nice feature of the S63 barrel is the tactile rubber back section which makes gripping the barrel easy when trying to thread the barrel into your Geo R5 or unscrew as well.  

The Geo R5 comes equipped with a huge range of familiar features found on our latest range of high-end markers to bring the Geo right up to date, and then some. The 5-point adjustable rake adjustable trigger, 2 AA battery supply, ultra-small POPS assembly, low-rise feedtube and our incredibly versatile Eclipse S63 Pro 3-piece barrel system complete with Eclipse PWR Inserts makes this a truly devastating blend of performance, precision, quality, stability and enviable reliability.

Re:Imagined. Re:Designed. Re:Loaded.

Planet Eclipse Geo R5 Specs:

Marker type: Electronic w/ OLED Screen

Mech frame capable: No

Planet Eclipse Geo R5 Weight: 2 pound 0 ounces (with batteries, barrel, feedneck, POPS ASA)

Barrel Thread: Autococker

Batteries: 2 AA batteries

Efficiency: Unknown

Accuracy rating: 5/5

Shot Quality: 4.5/5

Reliability rating: 5/5