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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Marker.. The Best Starter Electronic Paintball Gun

Posted on January 30 2020

Planet Eclipse's most recent mid-range electronic paintball gun is the Planet Eclipse Etha 2.  The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball marker is a very unique gun due to the level of performance, reliability, and shot quality that this marker offers.  The Etha 2 paintball gun brings top level performance for a retail point at $429.99!  

So what makes the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 worth its price?  First off, the Etha 2 features the gamma core bolt system which is now standard in all Planet Eclipse high-end paintball guns.   Most notably, the Gamma Core is known for it's extreme reliability.  The Etha 2's reliability comes from the ability of the gamma core to shoot in all weather conditions.  The gamma core bolt system also operates at a very low operating pressure of 135 PSI giving the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 a smooth shot as well as the ability to shoot brittle paintballs!

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 also features a 2 piece barrel which is notably better quality than the Empire Mini GS.  The Dye CZR paintball gun does also feature a 2 piece barrel.  The Etha 2 not only features a great barrel system but also features the ability to change batteries toollessly with the touch of a button.  The ability to press buttons to pop out your batteries is a feature of most Planet Eclipse guns but cannot even be found on other mid-range speedball markers such as the Shocker XLS.  What a phenomenal feature to have on the Etha 2 marker that is almost half the price!

Another feature of the Etha 2 that makes it such an excellent buy for the price is the ergonomics of the Planet Eclipse Etha 2.  The Etha 2 paintball marker is the only marker in this price range that does not have a macroline (Dye CZR) and has space between the front grip and trigger guard (Mini GS paintball gun).  The Mini Gs is very small with a fore grip that is integrated in with the trigger guard which makes it uncomfortable for larger hands.  The Dye CZR features a macroline design which most newer guns do not have.  



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