Empire BT-4 Slice G36


The G36 looks straight out of the H&K armory but it designed to dominate the paintball field.  The folding stock and foregrip make sure your aim stays on target and the Picatinny rails let you customize it as desired.

Take a good look at the newest Empire BT marker and you'll see something familiar. If you've played COD or watched action movies then you already know all about the G36. We borrowed another page out of the H&K book to create a new look for the awesome Slice marker. A top carry rail with full Picatinny is perfect for adding a red dot to hit your target. The Front shroud has two more rails and a barrel that is APEX ready. The folding stock is perfect for battles in tight spaces and the magazine rounds out the G36 look. The Slice feature allows the body to split without tools for easy maintenance and is well known for rugged performance.


  • Semi-automatic mechanical paintball marker
  • Authentic H&K G36 styling
  • Slice hinged body system opens for easy maintenance
  • Tool-less field stripping
  • Folding stock, perfect for Close Quarters Battle
  • Top Picatinny rail for carry or accessories
  • APEX ready barrel accurate aluminum barrel
  • T-Handle cocking action
  • Works with CO2 or HPA