DLX Luxe Snap Grip Screws (SCR201)


Luxe snap grip screws are designed to allow you to open or remove your Luxe paintball gun grips without the need for tools.  These make charging your battery or your programming settings quick and easy!  Please check with your local paintball field / tournament league for legality within their rules.  

Price is for 2-Quantity Screws

Punisher's Paintball Take:

An obvious upgrade for any paintball player who owns an older Luxe paintball gun.  Any Luxe paintball gun before the Luxe Ice (Luxe 1.0, 1.5, and Luxe 2.0) did not come standard with snap screws. These snap screws make it easy to access your charging port on your Luxe as well as change any settings on your Luxe board.