Loader - Valken V-MAX Plus - Black

By Valken

Enhanced intuitive design
The design of the VMAX+ paintball loader has been to function simply and reliably. There are no complex components found on many modern loaders. Fewer parts mean fewer problems.

Extreme feed rate
30+ balls per second and 220 ball capacity

Ultra lightweight
Weighs less than 1 pound with two 9 volt batteries

Fast disassembly
Disassembles and reassembles in seconds, so you can spend more time playing and less time cleaning at the end of the day

One touch on/off
A one touch On/Off button and LED display make using your VMAX+ loader simple

Quick change lid
The standard friction full cover lid lets you quickly reload, and also provides a window to view paintballs left. Easily switch to a speed feed in seconds with no tools needed

Fast battery change
The battery door is located on the ourside of the loader, allowing quick and easy battery replacement