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Valken Gotcha Paintball Shotgun - 50 Cal - Red

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Valken Gotcha is a fun filled, backyard shooting activity for the entire family with a recommended 9+ age rating. Valken Gotcha is NOT A TOY, and safety must always the first priority whenever handling or using this product. Valken Gotcha is intended for ages 9+, and kids under 18 require adult or parental supervision, especially when initially learning the basics of safe play and safe shooting. Eye protection suitable for paintball use must be worn by everyone handling or in the range of the Valken Gotcha paintball marker. Valken Gotcha uses a specially designed low impact Gotcha paintball marker that shoots color filled round Ammo which break on contact. The brightly colored Gotcha ammo is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easily washes away with water. The spring powered Valken Gotcha paintball marker shoot up to 100+ feet, and is very accurate up to 50 feet. Always make safety your first priority when handling or using this product.


  • New anti-double feeding design – only allows you to load and cock the gun once prior to firing
  • New improved hop-up design and location – better accuracy and range
  • Easier cocking action – we tweaked the gun to lighten the cocking action
  • Improved barrel – improved accuracy
  • Improved pump handle – improved strength and durability of the entire pump mechanism

    • Low impact serviceable .50 caliber marker 
    • Maximum 140fps low impact pump style marker
    • Serviceable metal internals 
    • Fully enclosed internals 
    • Durable aluminum barrel 
    • Traditional clamping feedneck, fits Valken .50 cal loader
    • Compatible with traditional 10 round . 68 cal tube ( holds 14 balls ) 
    • Picatinny sight rail 
    • Compatible with Valken Car stock

    *All Gotcha guns come with a black hop up pre-installed inside, and include two EXTRA (blue and red) hop ups in the box. The hop ups put a back spin on the ball allowing it to shoot further. The larger the ball, the smaller the hop up is recommended. – Black Hop Up (least backspin) - Recommended for Reballs – Red Hop Up (medium backspin) - Recommended for Valken Fate paintballs – Blue Hop Up (most backspin)Valken


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