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GOG G-1M Mechanical Tactical Paintball Marker

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The GOG G-1M brings the power of the GOG eNMEy core to the tactical theatre. With its rugged good looks, and extended tactical platform the GOG G-1M is at home in the deepest woods or the tightest tactical venues. Driven by proven technology and free of batteries, the GOG G-1M is the perfect fit for players looking for that tactical feel without the cumbersome weight and accentuated by incredible performance.  The integrated regulator insures safe velocity control regardless of propellent source. The pneumatic spool valve design offers low maintenance and absolutely no metallic wear. High performance design and top grade materials means the GOG G-1M delivers huge value and incredible performance.


CQB or SASS – Choose your Style

The G-1M ships with a fully adjustable stock, as well as a rear block off plate, so you can choose the way you play. If you want tight and compact, choose the block off plate to make the overall marker length short and nimble. Looking for added stability? Install the included stock to maximize long range accuracy and provide a stable platform. The adjustable stock can be used with a full sized tank mounted on the marker, or with a remote for lightweight and realistic handling.


True Pneumatic Design – Reduced Wear

No batteries, no hammer, no sear, and no metal-on-metal wear points. The eNMEy valve is not powered by springs, instead it is operated by precisely balanced gas pressures. This tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy. With only one moving part serving as both the main valve and bolt.


eNMEy Core – Proven Dependable

The eNMEy core is a proven platform, easily maintained and swappable for both 68 and 50 caliber paintballs.  The latest version of the eNMEy core provides extreme ease of use by allowing the player to remove ALL internal o-rings from the drivetrain of the marker with just a few turns of the bolt access knob. This feature not only makes maintenance easier, but allows compatibility with the 50 caliber and 68 caliber drive systems making the G-1M the perfect fit for any scenario.


Bolt Out the Back – Easy Maintence

The spool valve of the G-1M is incredibly smooth shooting and consistent, offering little to no recoil and utilizing only a single moving part. Servicing the bolt system is just as simple as the bolt itself. With the stock or block off plate removed, players can access all the o-rings of the drivetrain by simply unscrewing the system from the back of the marker. No dynamic o-rings remain in the marker, so cleaning and maintenance is easier than ever.


CO2 or Compressed Air – Safely handles both

An integrated relief valve completely protects the valve components in the eNMEy from the pressure spikes often associated with liquid CO2, while the vertical regulator compensates for pressure fluctuations allowing for stabile velocity with compressed air or CO2. For the player, this means consistent shot to shot performance enhancing accuracy. For safety the relief valve and regulator combine to assure safe opporation and controlled velocities, far greater than a marker without these systems.


Redesigned HD Valve – Tougher Than Ever

The new HD valve is at the heart of the eNMEy paintball marker. This super tough valve is designed to stand up to a lifetime of paintball matches and just keep ticking. The valve itself has one single moving internal part that moves less than 1mm and the valve body itself is reinforced with oversized hardware and compression collar. The new HD valve for the GOG eNMEy also allows for incredibly quick semi-automatic cycling with one of the shortest and lightest mechanical trigger pulls on the market.

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