Dye i5 E Voke

By Dye

e.VOKE -

Go wireless with the i5 e.VOKE.  With the simple plug and go kit, your M2 with MOSAir is ready to send vital game time info to your i5 e.VOKE via a Wireless PAN (personal area network) connection. Keep your head in the game while the e.VOKE feeds you real time updates and alerts or let your M2 and e.VOKE walk you through pro inspired drills, designed to help you improve your game. e.VOKE is the next technological evolution in paintball goggle system technology.  


Game Timer Alerts -

Don’t drop your sights to check the game time again. Stay guns up and focused down field letting e.VOKE do the work for you. With automatic alerts, the e.VOKE keeps your head up and always aware of the game time.


Shot Tracker -

Keep track of how many balls you have remaining or track what you’ve shot in a day. The e.VOKE will alert you as your paint supply runs low. With the new Shot Tracker you will receive auditory alerts, to know what you have left in the game and when to make your move.

G-Count Tracker -

Keep record of your eliminations for the day or for the point. With a tap of the button you add each new elimination or get an update on who is up on bodies.

Service Alerts -

Don’t get left in the staging area again because you forgot to check battery levels or service your M2. The e.VOKE automatically alerts you when your M2 is coming due for service.

Training Mode Assistant -

With the e.VOKE and the M2 with MOSAir, you can train for the big event even if you are the only one at the field. The e.VOKE will walk you through the training modes and help you with direction to sharpen your skills.

Motivation for Every Player -

Not sure what the next move is? Don’t over think it. Hit your e.VOKE for a fun charge of courage to make the big move or hold off the enemy advance.

DYEnamic Technology Series -

The DYEnamic technology series is designed to push Paintball Technology to the next level.  Intuitive data is collected, analyzed and relayed to the user. The e.VOKE puts you in constant communication with your equipment.  Free flowing, real-time info is fed to you intuitively and on command, giving you a tactical advantage like never before. The DYEnamic series connects you and your equipment on a new spectrum, blurring the line where you end and your equipment begins.